Sunday, April 20, 2014

Oh My...Oh My...My Plants Have Grown

I must be doing something right...It's now April 12th (trying really hard to get things up to speed here) and my plants have really taken off.  It's been 16 days since I initiated the DWC systems and the tomatoes are loving it...actually...all the plants are loving it.

Around April 2nd or so, I set up more DWC containers to transplant some seedlings that were more then ready....these young sprouts so eagerly growing were the bush beans, okra, yellow squash and bush cucumbers. My hubby also bought two bell pepper plants and a poblano pepper plant...I think he's really not wanting to wait for my seedlings to get big enough! (And my seeds are Non-GMO and the plants are probably not).

Okay...these were my tomato plants on March 27, just planted into the DWC:

Here they are 16 days later on April 12th:
I've just finished pruning them some here, removing the suckers and noticed flower buds starting to grow. My hubby was industrious again in constructing stakes made from PVC pipes. And of course, since I'm a quilter and love to sew I tied the plants up with some pretty blue gingham fabric. The way these tomato plants are growing I think I'm going to need more fabric strips soon!

Here are my other transplants 10 days later.  I wish I had before photos, but they were only a few inches high with what I call their germination leaves only:

Cucumber, bush variety.
The bigger leaves seemed to have appeared overnight!

Green Beans, bush variety.
I'm not sure what these are suppose to look like but have since learned that these plants can be spaced as little as 1 inch apart so I should have put 3 or 4 plants into these 5 inch net pots. I'm sure they would have helped hold each other up. I'll have to wait and see what step they take next, but no fear bc I was fearful they were not going to make it and planted more seeds in a jiffy pot!

Bell Pepper
Here are the bell pepper plants that hubby bought and in the last 10 days I noticed aphids...yes...aphids on the plants.  I was appalled! And yes...I sure gave him a hard time about being inpatient and now having infested plants that could infest ALL by babies! I immediately texted my two sisters, who had outside gardens last year, and they gave me a soap solution recipe...1 tablespoon non-concentrated dishwashing soap (not detergent) to one quart water and spray on leaves. Well...I had Blue Dawn Ultra which is concentrated so I used a half tablespoon instead and throughly soaked the bell pepper plant and the clay pebbles. I probably used too much but I was really appalled about the aphid infestation!
After throughly soaking everything with the soap solution I suddenly thought about the bubbling water in the container...bubbling water + soap = suds! OH NO...I could just picture suds seeping up around the net pots. I quickly lifted one of the pots and sure enough there was a light thin layer of suds in the container and around the roots. The suds soon dissipated, thank goodness! I'll have to not be so generous with my soap spray next time, but I'm hoping there won't be a next time!

 Yellow Squash
I noticed it had buds forming also. The cucumber, squash, tomato and peppers will require me to be the Bee to pollinate when it's time.

It's in the back there being overshadowed by the Lavender. The Okra seems to be slow growing, but I've read that once it takes off, it grows really well.

Okay...I'm almost up to date with these postings! Thanks for hanging in there!

Thus far the pH has been normal, only needing to add more nutrients to the tomato container.  I've read where some gardeners of hydroponic gardening change the nutrient solution once a week, some once a month and others whenever they notice the plants are stressed. Gardeners on several forums believe the hydroponic stores and nutrient manufactures suggest once a week to keep you coming back and buying more...and that may be true, but my plants have done well and the nutrient solution pH has been spot-on these last three weeks. Plus the organic (my choice) nutrients are not cheap. All that said, it will be three weeks and my container water is looking somewhat cloudy so I've decided to change the water in all my containers tomorrow...this will be the first changing.  Since some of my plants are starting to bud I'll use the "bloom" liquid nutrients instead of the "grow" nutrients to encourage blooming in those containers.

I hope you visit me again soon to see how my plants are growing.

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  1. Your garden is looking fantastic! Looking forward to seeing / reading about its progress / harvest through the summer!!

  2. OMGosh - it all looks super wonderful! I read all your previous post about how it all came together. What a good idea to grow an indoor garden.