Saturday, April 19, 2014

Quickly Growing Plants

It's now March 27, about two weeks after I planted my seedlings and they are growing well.  Now to  gather all I need for my DWC (deep water culture or container?) hydroponics system. Before I started this journey I viewed lots of YouTube videos...I think I watched YouTube the whole of one day. Then I had my husband view a couple of the videos and off to Home Depot we went.

Here are the containers we bought. I also purchased 4 aquarium air pumps, 6 bubble stones, and 4 packs of tubing. The cashier didn't even bat an eye. I think I would have looked at me strange with all those aquarium pumps.

My hubby didn't want to wait for my tomato seedlings so we bought tomato plants to speed things along some. Hubby drilled the appropriate holes in the container lid for the 5 inch net pots and we filled the containers with water in which I added a liquid organic nutrient to feed the it's  called the nutrient solution.

In hydroponics the dirt from the roots are washed away before planting in the net pot and only roots are planted into a growing medium. For my growing medium I'm using expanded clay pebbles which are really light and don't crush the roots. The pebbles also allow the oxygen (produced by the bubbling water from the bubble stones) to oxygenate the plant roots. From the information I've seen and read this is what causes the plants to grow at a faster rate then plants in soil. Water, oxygen and nutrients are coming to the plant, therefore; the plant is not expending energy looking for these elements. The clay pebbles work to hold nutrient water so the young roots are always moist and are constantly fed. 

 Roots from these tomato plants will eventually grow into the container through the net pots and feed on the nutrient solution water in the container.

Herbs do really well and I'll test that statement with the herbs I planted.

This is my indoor hydroponic garden thus far. As my seedlings grow bigger I'll transplant them into 
a DWC system.

I'm checking the pH every 3 to 4 days to make sure the nutrient solution is well balanced for sufficient nutrient uptake by the roots and that there is sufficient nutrients in the water. As the plants grow and use more nutrients, I'll need to replenish both water and nutrients. If I falter, I feel this will be the area.

Check the next posting to see how my plants have'll be amazed!

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