Sunday, April 13, 2014

Starting a Garden!

I've thought about planting a garden this spring, encouraged by two of my sister's keyhole gardens from last summer. You can see Gina's garden here and here. They both harvested such awesome veggies all summer long.

In doing an outside garden I realized many more cons than pros....the soil needed to be enriched...a lot ($$), two dogs live in the backyard and this was their domain,  and covenant restrictions prevented gardens in the front or side yards. I also needed to consider the cost of watering ($$), the expected bugs, birds, rabbits and other varmints utilizing my garden as a salad bar as well as learning to deal with expected diseases that most likely would infect my plants...oh it cheaper just to buy organic veggies from the grocery store?

But, there is something inherent and gratifying about growing, picking, and eating a fresh tomato, bell pepper or cucumber.  Not to mention the succulent taste of a veggie picked straight off the vine!

Around the first of March I contemplated doing something different with my sunroom, a 12 x 12 ceramic tiled floor room with windows on three sides. The word "hydroponics" popped into my mind. What was that? Can I cultivate a garden indoors? The only knowledge I had of hydroponics was that it had to do with water and growing something...I knew nothing else...and so I jumped or better said, I'm jumping right in! This blog tab will chronicle my attempts at starting and maintaining an indoor hydroponic garden. It will recount my joys, sorrows, frustrations and hopefully will detail bountiful harvests. That's my plan anyway!

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