Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Yummy Tomatoes...Hopefully

Ah...how nice it was to see this tomato flower on my tomato plant! I've been shaking the plants in hopes of pollinating the flowers...since I'm "being the bee". I feel like I need to make some bee wings to wear when I inspect my plants...I'm going from one plant to another...just like a bee!

My herbs are growing wildly, apparently they are loving their spot in my garden room and the nutrient solution I'm using.  For you hydroponic hobbyist I'm using Bontanicare Pure Blend Pro Grow, a 3-2-4  liquid organic based vegetative formula plant food. Then switching to Pure Blend Pro Bloom, a 2-3-5  liquid organic based fruit and flower formula plant food. Since switching over to the bloom formula last weekend I've noticed an increase in the flower buds on the tomato plants. It's so exciting, especially since this is my first attempt at hydroponics.

I've had my first harvest of herbs...basil, oregano, and flat leaf parsley. What to do with them?....

....I put in blender with olive oil and made pesto.

Then placed in freezer for future use. I'm tasting it already on chicken and salmon!
Not sure if pesto is made with other herbs besides basil, but mine is. I guess I should investigate that further for the next batch I'll be harvesting in the coming weeks. 

My beans are doing well. Last weekend I moved the 3 bean plants to their own hydroponic system in a five gallon bucket.  Changed their nutrient solution to the bloom solution and as you can see, they have responded very well.  

Being a non-gardner and basically a city gal, I didn't realize how many bean plants I needed to get an abundance of beans. I've since learned you need a lot. And being a first time hydroponics gal, I wasn't sure if I planted a bean directly into the expanded clay pebbles, if they would germinate and grow. I've since learned they will; hence, my bean plant population is growing. My newly sprouting beans will never be soil!

And lastly today, my tomato plants. This pic is a week old and the plants are actually a foot higher then in this photo. I think I'm needing to attach stakes to my stakes. 
Being a city gal, how tall can tomato plants grow anyway!?

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And until next time...may your plants be green and not wither and it's fruits will someday be part of dinner. 

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  1. OMGosh and OMGosh! Your plants are amazing! Grow Grow Grow! Your garden room has really "bloomed" into a nice space. That tomato blossom looks so perfect. Sounds like "your Bees" will really be buzzing around. And its so good that you have a ceiling fan in your garden room to mimic a breeze. Looking forward to enjoying your garden as you post more!!!